The Taranaki Tug of War Championship is brought to you by Functional Fitness New Plymouth, Riddlez Interactive,
Ate FortyOne, Sign Project and will take place during November - December 2020.

The Championship

Tug of War is one of the most ancient games known to man and was once an Olympic sport.

The sport was known as rope pulling, tugging war and war of tug, and is practiced by both men and women in some form in almost every country in the world. The Taranaki Tug of War Championship has been designed to create new interest in the sport for both men and women. The format for this championship will be teams of 4 tuggers with a Head Driver. It will be held indoors at Ate FortyOne and we encourage enthusiatic crowds to witness up close the strength and strategy each team will bring to the board.

The Rules

Taranaki Tug of War Championship Rules 2020.
All Teams of 5 including team driver/coach, plus up to 2 reserves.


Both Male & Female. There is no weight restriction in this category.


Team must consist of a minimum of 2 females. There is no weight restriction.


All participants in this category must be over the age of 50 years of age


Total weight of 4 tuggers to be under 360kg, can be mixed gender (may be checked)

The Sponsors

We thank this years current sponsors. Please support them as they support our sport.


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